The future of
automated trading payments.

Botcoin is more than just an electronic currency; it is the fundamental component of Bothub's advanced automated trading ecosystem. Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, Botcoin guarantees security, clarity, and effectiveness for AI driven automated trading bots.

What is Botcoin?

Botcoin stands at the core of Bothub's ecosystem, functioning as a sophisticated digital currency operating on the Ethereum and Botchain blockchain. Beyond its role in financial transactions, Botcoin is the driving force behind Bothub's commitment to creating a secure and collaborative financial environment that enables users to effortlessly engage in internal community settlements and external transaction.


Botcoin Smart Contract

  • Token nameBotcoin
  • TickerBOT
  • Total supply500 000 000
  • Network Ethereum mainnet

Botcoin news

Get the latest Botcoin updates and insights directly from our Twitter feed. Explore significant developments, market trends, and essential news about Botcoin here. Stay informed and engaged with every update!

Investors benefits

Explore the comprehensive range of exclusive advantages offered to investors in Botcoin, enhancing your investment experience and financial opportunities

Funds allocation

The funds raised through Botcoin are meticulously managed to profoundly support our investors and the growth of the Bothub ecosystem. 50% of funds are allocated to a Bothub's official trading portfolio that actively generates revenue for our investors through the Gains Shares Program. This strategic investment ensures a consistent return and supports the long-term viability and expansion of our financial ecosystem, aligning with our commitment to maximizing investor value.

Token distribution

The distribution of Botcoin tokens has been carefully planned to not only reward our community but also to establish necessary reserves for the long-term and stable operation of the ecosystem. Distribution strategy ensures that while the community is adequately rewarded for their trust and participation, we also maintain a robust reserve to safeguard and sustain the ecosystem's operations. This balance is crucial for achieving sustained growth and stability on market.

Tokens circulation

Bothub Global AB is committed to transparency regarding the ecosystem's reserves. We provide up-to-date information about the reserves and the public circulation. Intended to build trust and provide our investors with a clear understanding of how resources are being managed.

Reserves: 453 065 123
Circulation: 46 934 877

Distribution roadmap

A Botcoin roadmap is a strategic plan that outlines the key development phases and future milestones for BOT cryptocurrency. Is essential for maintaining transparency and fostering trust within the community.


Early inverstors

2024 Q1/Q2

Early investors gain access to Botcoin at a discounted rate, rewarding their trust and early support. This phase builds a foundational community and secures crucial early funding.



End of 2024 Q2

The pre-sale offers Botcoin to a wider audience at advantageous prices before it goes public, expanding the user base and enhancing project visibility.



2024 Q2-Q3

Botcoin enters the market on decentralized exchanges, facilitating trading without intermediaries and allowing for direct user engagement and market-driven pricing.




Listing on centralized exchanges increases Botcoin's trade volume and visibility. These platforms provide ease of use and advanced trading options, attracting a broader investor base.

The whitepaper

Explore the Botcoin whitepaper to uncover the dynamics of our state-of-the-art automated trading ecosystem and Botcoin cryptocurrency. The whitepaper delivers an exhaustive analysis of the groundbreaking features Botcoin introduces.

Delve into our strong dedication to transparency and efficiency, and discover how Botcoin is revolutionizing the landscape of automated trading finance. Created for both crypto enthusiasts and financial professionals, our whitepaper provides insights that will help you understand and maximize the capabilities of Botcoin in conjunction with the Bothub ecosystem.

Additionally, learn about the underlying technology that powers Botcoin, including our use of the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate not only secure and reliable transactions but also to enable scalable solutions for global finance challenges.

Our whitepaper also addresses the strategic vision of Bothub, outlining future developments and enhancements planned for Botcoin. It highlights our roadmap towards creating a more inclusive and expansive trading environment, further integrating cutting-edge technologies that cater to a broad spectrum of trading activities and financial services.

Bothub is a fully integrated ecosystem designed to revolutionize trading through automation, with serving as the core platform where users can access and utilize a wide range of advanced features. The platform enhances trading accuracy and efficiency using automation technologies in a secure, user-friendly environment. We are excited to announce the upcoming mainnet launch in Q3 2024, a significant milestone following our successful testnet phase, which showcased our technology's stability and potential. For a detailed look at our testnet achievements, visit The mainnet launch will fully operationalize Bothub's capabilities, offering an enhanced, seamless trading experience.

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Meet the team

At the heart of Bothub's innovation is our diverse team, united by a vision to revolutionize automated trading. With expertise in blockchain, software development, finance, and marketing, we simplify complex market interactions.

Jarosław Szulc

Co-Founder & CEO

Adam Morgan

Co-Founder & VP

Christian Loklint

Co-Founder & COO

Revealed soon


Revealed soon


AI company

The innovative integration of GPT-4 model-based technologies within Bothub Global AB operations. Our specialists E-Livia, MrLogic, and VerdictAI, are not just avatars but pivotal decision-makers in their respective domains, from creative strategy to legal advisories and business development. This leap in AI functionality enables real, impactful decisions that drive our company forward, showcasing our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to redefine industry standards and operational excellence.


Chief Creative Officer


Chief Business Development Officer


Chief Legal Officer
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